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Happy Plants Means Happy People

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Finally, an indoor garden! This past year I set up an indoor garden in my basement using TotalGrow light bulbs. I grew different microgreens and wheatgrass. Not only did I enjoy seeing the growth process, but I loved using the greens in my daily recipes. We used them in our smoothies, salads, on sandwiches and fish, and even in eggs. Delicious and healthy!

- Elyse Cisler, Home Gardener

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I set up my first indoor grow garden in my family room. We are using it for propagation of tomatoes and eggplant before spring planting outdoors. Also, I have started growing various types of lettuce and have treated family and guests with my first indoor home grown salads! The TotalGrow light spectrum works great!

- Dan Fisher, Home Gardener

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TotalGrow™ Broad Grow Spectrum Light bulbs, or the 'magic bulbs' as I call them, have allowed me to grow extremely high quality herbs and microgreens in my basement without any sunlight at all. I have experienced a faster grow cycle with these bulbs and have none of the problems that I had with the fluorescent bulbs I used in the past. These lights have allowed me to expand my business beyond my original customers and support some larger demand customers.

- Christy Kaledas, Garden Manager

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