8 Benefits of Growing Hydroponically

8 Benefits of Growing Hydroponically

The popularity of hydroponics has increased due to the great advantages it offers over other growing methods.  Although this method requires a little primary investment and a certain level of expertise in growing, the overall benefits still greatly outweigh these factors.  If you’re still doubting before making the final decision, have a look at the following benefits:

  1. Grow anywhere – as hydroponic systems initially take less space, they can be set up almost in any indoor space, meaning, you can even grow a few plants in a small one bedroom apartment.

  2. Grow all year round – this method allows growing cannabis 365 days a year, 24/7. Once you harvest, you can start growing new cannabis plants. If you use hydroponics outdoors, it’s easy to move your system indoors when the cold season sets in.

  3. Save water – if you’re worried about efficiency, most hydroponic systems use around 35% less water than soil-based growing, because water is constantly being reused during the cycles of flooding and collection. Consequently, also the nutrient solution is continuing to circulate with the water in the system until it needs to be readded or water needs to be changed.

  4. Get higher yields – considering the size of hydroponic systems, they are more productive and also plants grow faster because nutrients are delivered directly to the root system and oxygen not only stimulates the growth of roots but also – the adsorption of nutrients. As a result, the plants do not need to spend their energy on looking for and consuming nutrients, instead they can thrive and produce more flowers.

  5. Avoid herbicides – as there is no soil, there is no need for chemicals to exterminate weeds because the only vegetation in the medium is going to be your plants. So, your plants are going to be healthy and 100% clean.

  6. Control the nutrients – a grower has a complete control over how many nutrients the plants get and what kind of nutrients they get. It’s easy to measure the nutrient balance and add it as much as the plants need, as well as correct any deficiencies.

  7. Control the pests – because of the general control and the way of maintenance, it’s quite easy to lessen the risks of fungi, insects, and diseases, especially, if the hydroponic systems are placed indoors.

  8. Control the growing – in hydroponic systems everything - water, growing mediums, and nutrients are completely exposed, making it easier to monitor nutrient deficiencies and pH levels. If your hydroponic systems are placed indoors, you have a complete control over the light and temperature of the environment. Moreover, water pump and lights can be automated according to your needs and the growth cycle of the plants. With the help of specially designed mobile applications, you can even follow the whole growth cycle. Being in control over the processes of growing helps greatly to avoid grave mistakes, as well as ensure the best possible quality of the plants.

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