Grow Tent Set Up Guide

Grow Tent Set Up Guide

If you want to grow healthy, robust plants, then you need to create the best environmental conditions.

There are specific factors that you need to require keen attention. They have the ability to make or break your harvest.

These are ambient humidity, temperature, and quality of lighting. A grow tent is excellent in regulating these factors in addition to controlling odors and unwanted attention.

Grow tents are great as they are portable and can be taken down and reused at any time.  

Benefits of using grow tents include energy efficiency, circulating fresh air to plants, pest control, and optimal lighting. 

Considerations When Choosing the Right Tents:

  • Size: Settle on the number of plants you plan to grow and their height. Most plant growers keep 8-9 plants per tent.
  • Ventilation flaps: A grow tents should have at least 2 ventilation flaps.
  • Rigid stability: The advantage of this is that lighting and the carbon filter will be supported.
  • Fabric: Choosing the right fabric is crucial. It should be 100% light-proof when closed, and you should look for a tent made from hemp canvas.

Grow Tent Lights

Plants require excellent lighting. If the lights selected are not enough for this tent, you will not get a great yield. Try the LED Grow Lights. KIND LED is highly recommended as they are market leaders in the industry. KIND is widely considered as the best indoor LED grow lights available. This revolutionary series of grow lights provides record-breaking yields! These lights run quieter, cooler and more efficiently.


How To Set Up a Grow Tent

1.) Unpack and set up the tent frame and cover.

2.) Locate the area that is to be installed and complete all necessary measurements to ensure there is enough space.

3.) Remove tent parts from their packaging and place all tools within reach.

4.) Assemble the tents.

5.) Plug in the fans to ensure that they are working before installing.

6.) Install an extraction fan with a carbon filter.

7.) Hang the temperature gauge level with your plants.

8.) Place your plants, water and fertilize.

9.) Test the whole system to see if the fan and lights are working properly.

10.) Close the tent and check for gaps and holes. The tent should be light tight.

Gorilla Grow Tents and MARS Hydro Grow Tents are the amazing tools for both experts and beginners. These two tents will double your yield. The Gorilla Grow tent is the first ever height adjusting grow tent. They are the tallest, thickest and strongest. They have revolutionized the cannabis industry. MARS Grow tents provide great yield and are the first LED Engineered Grow tents specifically for growing with LED Grow Lights.

You should check all components of your grow tent to ensure that everything is in proper working order on a regular basis.

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