Indoor vs Outdoor Growing

Indoor vs Outdoor Growing

While mother nature supplied us with this miracle plant all on it’s own, advancements in growing technology, has brought much of the growing industry indoors. Indoor grown cannabis is usually hailed as the better quality bud. Some swear upon all natural outdoor growing, while others prefer the discreet, control of indoor growing. The pros and cons are many and it can be hard to decide which option may be best for you, whether as a grower or a consumer.


Indoor flowers are often considered better and this is largely due to the ability to control your climate rather than relying on our classic, but temperamental mother nature. Even in climates ideal for growing, a cloudy day, or wind and rain which causes fluctuating humidity, or pesky insects, can wreak serious havoc on a potential crop. Growing indoors allows you to have complete control over the conditions in which you babies grow. LED grow lights, such as the Kind LED - K3 L300 are a great way to ensure thorough light penetration without worrying about damaging the plants with too much heat. In addition high quality Grow Cabinets can keep out any unwanted odours through air filters, allow for adjusted air circulation, multiple chambers, and generous yields. You control everything.


While indoor crops are hailed by buyers, the control of course comes at a significant cost. When growing outdoors the main costs are those of start up, such as buying seeds, pots, fertilizer, etc. Sun, rain, air are free! However, indoor growing tends to be more expensive when buying lights, tents, and supplying water and power. However if you’re only hoping for a small yield, say you’re growing simply for your own personal use, than a small grow tent may be more economically logical and cost less in upkeep.


The amount of product one yields from their garden, indoor or outdoor can vary for a number of reasons. Of course, we must first take into account the amount of space. Outdoor crops in a large, well lit garden will have the potential for quite a substantial harvest. However, one con to outdoor growing that many growers note, is the one year grow cycle. With indoor growing, size of the space can vary greatly, however with units such as the SuperStar HPS grow cabinet, featuring more than one chamber, means you can have multiple crops at different stages in growth, rather than having to let nature do it’s thing.


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