The Best Grow Tent - Ultimate Buyers Guide

The Best Grow Tent - Ultimate Buyers Guide

The best grow tent for your indoor garden is easy to find once you have a solid understanding of what components to look for.  Depending on your style of gardening, some features may be more appealing to you than others. 

No matter how you grow, everyone can agree that grow tents have revolutionized the indoor gardening experience.  These helpful units work similar to your traditional camping tent in that they consist of a tube frame covered by some sort of fabric with zippered entrances.  From there the similarities stop and the gardening begins.

From there the similarities stop and the gardening begins.

Grow tents are specifically designed to give you the ideal growing space available while retaining a high level of discretion and with the advent of high PAR LED lighting systems, it is now possible to maximize yields inside of these tents without worrying about heat concerns. 


Before LED lighting became an effective alternative to HPS and MH lights, the heat was always an issue that would need to be addressed by the means of expensive fans and ducting. 

Regardless of your lighting system, today's innovative grow tents are designed to give you the ideal ventilation while still making it easy to eliminate the odors produced by your plants.
Grow tents allow you to control every aspect of the environment your plants grow in and they are especially good at helping to keep unwanted pests from entering your garden. 

Did you know that your pets could be one of the main ways pests are making their way into your home?  If you are currently using a hydroponics setup.

A grow tent allows you to compartmentalize your grow space, so you can control sections independently by using multiple grow tents. 

For example, many indoor gardeners will utilize a multi-tent strategy in order to create a sea of green growing scenario. 

You can keep your plants in a vegetative state until they are the size you desire, then simply switch them to your flowering tent to finish off your harvest.  By incorporating separate flowering tents, you are able to maximize your grow space and yields throughout the year.


What to Look For in The Best Grow Tent

Prior to making any purchases, you should understand what the main features are of a quality grow tent and who makes the best tents for the money. 

You will also need to consider how big of a tent you require as well as if you will need multiple tents to get your harvest in a sea of green schedule. 

This is the most important things to review when considering a new grow tent.

Grow tents differ from grow cabinets in that they use a fabric layer instead of a hard surface.  You are going to want to invest in a grow tent that is made from heat and rip resistant fabrics. 
This means you are looking for a denser fabric.  Fabric density is measured in denier and the average grow tent can have a denier rating ranging from 120D - 600D.  
Professional grow tents can get as high as 1680D but for non-commercial use, this is going to blow your budget out of the water.
The Denier rating of your tent is going to have a direct effect on the price of the unit.  You need to try to get the highest Denier rating possible within your price range. 
The thicker the Denier the better the odor and sound control will be and the more effective you will be at keeping pests and airborne fungus out of your gardening space.
A viewing window can be a great option to consider as well.  This will allow you to check the progress of your grow without opening the tent and disturbing the environment inside.  Some tents will feature multiple viewing windows.  This can be helpful because it allows you to set your thermometer in a spot that you can see from the lower window.
The hollow tubing used in the construction of quality grow tents should be able to handle at least 120 lbs of weight.  It’s this lightweight tubing that makes grow tents much easier to move and transport. 
Be sure to check the connectors and corner pieces.  You are looking for high-quality metal corners that feature snap-locks to prevent rotating.  Steel is going to give you a sturdier frame when compared to plastic, so you should try to stay. 
You should also have some sort of light hanging bars that can be moved to accommodate for different lighting scenarios.
A good quality grow tent will incorporate some form of reflective material to allow you to maximize your light availability. 
Not all reflective materials are created equal so you need to find out the reflectivity of the tent you are considering before you can say if it will work for your lighting. 
If possible, 99%+ reflective mylar should be chosen.  Mylar comes in a variety of patterns, such as triangle or diamond shapes, most are great at maximizes your light.  White is also a highly reflective color that can work well.
Ventilation is important and a good tent will be sure to give you a couple different options for intake and exhaust. 
These can vary in size so you should be sure that your exhaust tubing is not too big for the tent you are interested in. 
In addition, check to see how the vents are kept closed.  Ideally, you want a cord that can be tightened and then held shut with a cord pinch.

You will also need ports for your equipment's power cords.  If possible, this port should be velcro sealed to prevent any light from getting in during flowering. 
A good tent will provide you with a couple different options, so you can run your equipment the most effective way possible.
Flood trays
A flood tray can be a great way to ensure you don’t have any spill-over damage the room your tent is in. 
If you are planning on growing in an upstairs bedroom, or if you live in an upstairs apartment, you definitely need a flood tray to prevent any damage like that found in the case of a leaking reservoir or a pump tubing. 
The internet is filled with nightmare stories of newbie growers underestimating the importance of a flood tray only to end flooding their grow room. 
Flood trays should be an essential part of any hydroponics system.
Having a place to store the little items you use all the time can be a great way to keep your garden more organized. 
Trimmers, mist bottles, and meters can all be kept in these pockets and close to where you need them most. 
Sturdy storage nets can hold a lot of items, so this feature adds some comfort to your growing experience.
Netting will allow you to maximize your harvest by incorporating LST techniques into your garden. 
The best types of netting will be fully adjustable so you can utilize it no matter the height of your hydroponics system. 
LST using tie downs and netting can double the size of your yield. 
Even if the tent you desire does not have netting, you should consider adding one yourself.

Grow Tents - Changing the Way We Garden Indoors



Due to the advantages using a grow tent brings to the world of indoor gardening, these handy setups have exploded in popularity over the last 5 years.  This explosion has affected the industry in a couple of key ways. 
The overall price of grow tents has decreased significantly while the number of manufacturers producing grow tents continues to increase.  
The downside is, now the internet is flooded with grow tents that lack the quality necessary to give you an effective indoor gardening experience.  If you purchase a subpar grow tent, you are sure to run into problems such as odor control and light leakage. 
Light leakage can result in your plants turning into hermaphrodites during the flowering stage and producing seeds.  This is because your plants require complete darkness to flower properly indoors. 
If you want to avoid this scenario, you should stick to reputable manufacturers and brands that have proven themselves to be of superb quality.


The Best Grow Tents for Indoor Gardening


Gorilla Grow Tent LTGGT22 2'x2.5'x5'7" 4 / 3 Vents 2 2 Yes
Gorilla Grow Tent Lite Line 8′x8′x6’7″ 6 / 3 Vents 1 2 Yes
Mars Hydro - Grow Tent 4' 9''x4' 9''x6' 7'' 5 / 3 Vents 0 2 Vent Flaps Yes
Mars Hydro - Grow Tent 2' 3''x2' 3''x5' 3'' 4 / 3 Vents 0 2 Vent Flaps Yes
Mars Hydro - Grow Tent 4' x8' x7' 4 / 4 Vents 0 2 + 2 Vent Flaps Yes
Apollo Horticulture Grow Tent 36'x36'x72" 3 / 3 Vents 0 1 Yes
Milliard Grow 50x50x79" 2 / 1 Vents 1 1 Yes
G-Leaf Diamond Series 16"x16"x48" 3 / 3 Vents 0 0 Yes
Best Choice Products Grow Tent 32"x32"x 63" 3 / 3 Vents 0 0 No
VivoSun Grow Tent 96"x48"x80" 4 / 4 Vents 1 2 Yes

Gorilla Grow Tent LTGGT22 Tent, 2' x 2.5' x 5'7"

This tent is packed with unique features that make it stick out among the competition. 

The height of this tent is fully adjustable, so you can raise the roof a foot and get the extra room you need to let your plants reach peak yielding sizes. 

A solid metal interlocking frame and durable canvas make this the perfect tent for beginners and experienced growers alike.  This unit features a viewing window with bug resistant mesh pre-filters. 

If you are ready to grow big plants in a tight space, this is the perfect tent for you to consider.


  • Adjustable Height (Extension Sold Separately)
  • Metal Interlocking Frame
  • 2 Viewing Windows
  • Bug Resistant Mesh
  • Wrap Around Zippers
  • High CFM Fan Requires a Kit to Prevent Losing Grow Space


Gorilla Grow Tent Lite Line – 8′ X 8′ X 6’7″

This is a massive grow tent and it is sure to provide you with enough room to grow the monster harvest you desire. 

The gorilla light line is very innovative and you have the option to purchase a height extension kit if you plan to grow your plants taller. 

This unit features high-quality wrap-around zippers that give you complete access to every part of your garden. 

There is 10" ducting ports to support the large amount of ventilation you are going to need to keep the odor from this large indoor garden in check.  

Altogether, this unit has 9 ducting ports and 4 electrical ports making it ideal for any growing scenario you can think of.

  • 2 Viewing Windows
  • Metal Interlocking Frame
  • Bug Resistant Mesh
  • Adjustable Height (Extension Sold Separately)
  • Wrap Around Zippers
  • 4 Electrical Ports
  • 210D Fabric
  • Tray Liner
  • Zipper Quality


    Mars Hydro - Grow Tent - 4' 9''X 4' 9''X 6' 7''

    Mars has long been a manufacturer of quality grow lights and this tent is no exception to that legacy of producing exceptional equipment. 


    This unit features 2 electrical ports, 3 exhaust ports, and 2 lower vents.  Double thick mylar and an all steel frame add to the durability this unit has to offer. 


    Unlike other grow tents; Mars has specially manufactured this tent to take advantage of their proprietary lighting equipment.  This tent will maximize the usable light delivered to your plants and help them to grow faster and healthier.



    • Double Thick Mylar
    • 3 Ducting Ports
    • 3 Foot Vents
    • Steel Frame
    • 3 Steel Bar Hanging System
    • Tray Liner
    • Requires 2 People to Set-up


      Mars GROW TENT -2' 3''X 2' 3''5' 3''(70*70*160CM)

      If you are new to indoor gardening and you want to get a grow tent but don't want to spend a bundle, this is a smart option to consider. 

      You get all the options a more expensive tent offers at a price point that is hard to beat. 

      An ultra-reflective mylar lining maximizes your LED light output to deliver your plants the essential energy they need for photosynthesis to occur. 

      This unit includes a floor liner to prevent spillage and it can support up to 140lbs of weight, so you can use any type of lighting and fan combination you desire.  The lower flaps are vented to prevent light leakage as well.  This is the perfect tent for a first-time grower.


      You get all the options a more expensive tent offers at a price point that is hard to beat.  An ultra-reflective mylar lining maximizes your LED light output to deliver your plants the essential energy they need for photosynthesis to occur. 

      This unit includes a floor liner to prevent spillage and it can support up to 140lbs of weight, so you can use any type of lighting and fan combination you desire.  The lower flaps are vented to prevent light leakage as well.  This is the perfect tent for a first-time grower.

      • Double Thick Mylar
      • 3 Steel Bar Hanging System
      • Tray Liner
      • 3 Ducting Ports
      • 3 Foot Vents
      • Steel Frame
      • 2 Mesh Viewing Flaps
      • Spill Tray Uses Tie Downs Instead of Velcro


        Mars GROW TENT -4'X8'X7'

        This grow tent incorporates a double thick mylar lined fabric that is designed to reduce the amount of odor escaping your garden. 

        There is a 3 bar steel hanging system that gives you the maximum flexibility when figuring out how to mount your lighting. 

        A tray liner is included with the purchase of this unit, so it is ideal for use in any type of scenario.  There are 2 electrical ports and 3 exhaust ports.  This unit also features 3 lower vents to increase the circulation in your garden. 

        The double flapped quick view vents and highly reflective mylar interior, make this unit a great addition to any garden.  You get a lot of space and a sleek design when you go with this grow tent.

        • Tray Liner
        • Double Thick Mylar
        • 3 Steel Bar Hanging System
        • Metal Frame Joints
        • 2 Viewing Windows
        • Easy Set-Up
        • Spill Tray Uses Tie Downs Instead of Velcro


          Apollo Horticulture Grow Tent 36 x 36 x 72

          The Apollo Horticulture Grow Tent features heavy duty zippers and double thick stitching that adds to the overall durability of this tent.  The thick Tear proof Mylar maximizes your light usable light production and helps to prevent unwanted odors from getting out of your grow space.  This unit is 100% light proof and the frame is constructed from durable steel.  This unit easy to set-up and tear down and a 90-day warranty is included with your purchase.  If you are in the market for a high quality grow tent at an excellent price point this unit is sure to deliver the quality you desire.

          • Durability
          • Easy Assembly
          • 100% Light Proof
          • Steel Frame
          • Double Stitched
          • Tear Proof Mylar
          • Zipper and Velcro Areas Can Form Light Leaks


            Milliard Grow 50 x 50 x 79"

            This grow tent incorporates a variety of useful features to make your indoor gardening experience as organized and safe as possible.  The tubular metal frame is designed to handle multiple lighting scenarios without weight becoming an issue.  The zippers on this unit have been reinforced to help reduce the chances of light leaking in.  This unit comes with a high-quality flood tray, making it an ideal choice for indoor hydroponic set-ups.  The large zipper doors give you unfettered access to your grow space and the viewing window allows you to peek at your indoor garden without interrupting your grow space's environment.

            • Heavy Duty Metal Frame
            • Reinforced Zippers
            • Flood Tray Included
            • Reflective Interior
            • Unique Styling
            • Light Leaks

              G-Leaf Diamond Series

              The G-Leaf Diamond Series Grow Tent incorporates a thick 600D non-toxic canvas and ultra reflective Diamond Mylar fabric to ensure you control every aspect of your lighting.  Dual double nylon stitching hemming means this tent can withstand years of use without ever showing signs of wear and tear.  Heavy duty metal zippers were used in the construction of this grow tent to reduce light leakage as well ensure your entrance is easy to operate.  This is a high-quality tent that can produce results.

              • Dual Double Nylon Stitching Hemming
              • 600D Non-Toxic Canvas
              • Ultra Reflective Diamond Mylar
              • Metal Zippers
              • Metal Frame
              • Durable Construction
              • 1 Floor Vent

                Best Choice Products Grow Tent

                If you are new to the world of indoor gardening, spending tons of money on equipment is probably starting to get old.  This grow tent is designed to give you a low-cost alternative to some of the higher end units on the market.  The 600D Polyester fabric is able to withstand years of use without tearing or discoloring.  Heavy duty zippers and velcro help to keep your tent in total darkness during your flowing periods.  If you are in the market for a low-cost grow tent, this unit is going to be worth your consideration.

                • Coated Metal Frame
                • 600D Polyester Fabric
                • Large Door
                • Metal Interlocking Joints
                • Water Proof


                • Flood Tray Not Included

                VivoSun Grow Tent

                The Vivosun grow tent 96 x 48 x 80" features a 95% reflectivity rating.  Your lighting systems will be able to function more effectively because any unused light is bounced around until it is absorbed by your plants.  This unit features an extra thick 600D material that is specially designed to resist tearing.  Easy access doors and dual viewing windows add to the overall usability this tent showcases.  If you are looking for reliable mid sized tent, this is a great option to consider

                • 95% Reflectivity
                • 600D Material
                • Tear Resistant
                • Metal Frame
                • Interlocking Joints
                • 2 Year Warranty


                  • Middle Zipper Link


                    Now that you know exactly what to look for when selecting your next grow tent, be sure to stick to reputable manufacturers and you are guaranteed to get a product that will last you many successful harvests.

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