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Growth is life.  

Planting a seed is an act of pure optimism.

We help turn your hope into an abundant harvest, year after year.


What We Offer


We specialize in industry-leading LED grow lights, hydroponic systems, grow tents, and all the extras your green heart desires. Everything is available at highly competitive prices.


Our outstanding systems are engineered to provide growers, hobbyists, families, and consumers with generous yields. You’re in a position to gain equally generous returns on your investment, whether a home, greenhouse, or commercial grow.


Your success begins with our premium products, but we want to ensure your ultimate growing success. At your fingertips—probably still smudged with soil, you dirt devil—is a suite of services designed to fertilize your efforts.


The Knowledge Center 

Expert knowledge is as essential to growing as light and water. Our Knowledge Center is a veritable greenhouse of invaluable information and infographics to maximize your yields.


Delivery and Packaging

We take pride in the efficiency of our shipping process. Growers often need solutions immediately, so our products are conveyed without delay to your home, school or commercial environment, finely and securely packed.


Best Customer Service

Bringing a plant to fruition is a deeply human act. We respect that about our customers and value every interaction with you.

Our 24-hour Chat Service provides swift service and solutions. Reach out through the green box in the bottom right of the screen and chat us up! 

Alternatively, you can direct your needs to support@drgrowpro.com or call 800.992.5207.

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The DrGrowPro Team